Parenting Teams

“Your little ballerina grabbed her butt and ran to the bathroom and said she had to poop! She went in sat on the potty, farted and then laughed! She then went poop (a good amount!)”

This is one of the most exciting texts I’ve gotten from my sister, who doubles as an in-home daycare provider. I’ve been lucky to send my kids to a welcoming, amazing place that has helped develop who my kids are today. There is so much emphasis placed on the early years of child development. Yes, growing is an ongoing process, nature vs. nurture, etc., but I have seen how much love my sister provides to not only my children, but every child that goes to her daycare. I read a few “open letters” to daycare providers, teachers, teaching aides, coaches, anyone that works with kids on a daily basis to thank them for their contributions. I also read social media negativity directed towards those same people blaming them for why kids grow up one way or another. It dawned on me early that parenting is a team effort. The team is a collective of mentors that help raise a child. Some common members of that collective are moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, coworkers, babysitters, teachers, daycare providers, doctors, nurses, dentists, teachers, coaches, and so many more people (I apologize for leaving out all other career fields, there’s not enough space- you get my point). Heck, I think my sister even sees my children more than me! I see them long enough to get up, get ready, get out the door and on the flip side, get home, get settled, get to bed.

The reason the above message was so exciting, is I wasn’t the only one excited for my daughter’s moment. Potty training has been an ongoing battle-ish/process since just before Kid turned 2. She showed EXTREME interest in the toilet early on, followed me whenever I went, and was very excited for her own kid sized toilet to use. However, we were not dedicated at home and there’s only so much time and resources an in-home daycare provider can do. If you’ve read my Small Wins post, you’ll know the act of successful potty training is exciting, but to know after a year and a half of trial and error, that little toddler was able to recognize she needed to go, laughed when it wasn’t, and tried anyways. I know my sister was just as excited for that moment as I was. That’s why she sent me the message. Good child care is hard to find. I know many people that struggle, and there are always the horror stories that paint social media. I can’t imagine my kids spending their day anywhere else.

I know there will be good mentors and there will also be negative influences. Some teachers may be burnt out, and some coaches may have priorities shifted. No one is perfect, definitely not by today’s standards. All we can do is try. Try to work together to provide an environment the kids want to learn in, want to excel in. Life is a constant trial and error, all things ever changing. If we all work together, as a team, I know we can help raise an amazing, thriving, successful generation.

Toddler physics class.

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