Morning Grind

0430: *Snooze alarm*

0435: “Mooooooom. Hellllllllllp.” *Kid trying to put on dress with arms inside out*

0445: Make coffee.

0446: Turn on DVR’d Daniel Tiger for the 23rd time.

0446: Microwave premade breakfast. (Muffin tin egg cups- delicious!)

0448: Assemble manual breast pump.

0450: Assemble morning snack for Kid.

0455: Sit down on couch- “Mom, please have some juice?”

0456: Acquire juice from fridge- hand to Kid.

0500: Sit down on couch; turn on news; eat, drink, pump.

0530: *Shower*

0545: Get dressed for work; ensure kid puts clean clothes on for daycare. (Low standardsnote the backwards shirt.)

0600: Pack lunch; supervise Kid packing lunches.

0615: Wake up New Kid; change diaper and dress New Kid.

0625: *Nurse New Kid*

0640: Provide shoes, coats, hats, gloves- as needed.

0643: Prop New Kid in highchair with snack.

0644: Trip over Kid trying to load up car like a pack mule; kick dogs out of car.

0646: Prepare the house for departure. (Put one dog in bedroom- secure baby gate; put two dogs in kennels; put all remotes/electronics/chewable items away; turn off all lights Kid turned on; remember to turn on dishwasher- need dishes to cook dinner.)

0650: Trip over Kid distributing dog treats, cat treats.

0653: Bribe both kids with snacks to sit still long enough to buckle up car seat.

0655: *Depart from house*

0656: “Mom, please have some water.”

0657: “Did you pack your water?”

0658: “Oh. No. Please have some your water?”

0710: “Mom! Please have a snack?”

0715: *Arrive at daycare*

0716: Attempt to unbuckle car seats.

0717: Kid attempts to put jacket back on after I suggested not to take it off

0720: “Mom, don’t follow me!”

0721: *Drop off children at daycare; hugs, high fives, kisses.

0725: *Mom tears*

0726: Depart for work.

0735: Traffic.

0745: More traffic.

0755: School traffic.

0815: Why do I even try making it on time?

For many people, it’s easy to make it to work on time. For working parents though that’s often a dream (at least for me). It’s easy for coworkers, supervisors, and bosses to assume you’re chronically late for being lazy. What those people fail to realize is that there are often factors outside your control that prevent getting to your desk by that 0800 bell. To the bosses, managers, and coworkers that understand and offer support- you are my favorite people. Again, parenting requires support and teamwork. Those supportive bosses will earn an enormous amount of respect from working parents trying to do the best they can without undue stress and anxiety. To every parent with a chaotic morning routine… Good luck, you got this! We’re doing the best we can!

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