Dishwasher Life

If anyone has seen the movie “Forrest Gump” then you would be familiar with the ever popular phrase: “life is like a box of chocolates”. I’m here to offer another outlook in true mom fashion: “life is like a dishwasher”.

Everyone has different priorities, realized or not. Values are stacked differently person to person, and are often organized in a unique way- like dishes in a dishwasher. One person might put family on the delicate top rack only, where another person may put career, or friendship. One person may load the dishes scattered and chaotic, while another is neatly organized. One person (like my husband), may see the dishwasher as full. I could see the same dishwasher load, reorganize it and make space for the full sink of dishes. It’s an art form really- but so is life!

Washing dishes can sometimes feel like a chore, a less than desirable activity. When utensils, plates, bowls, pots, and pans build up over time it can lead to an overwhelming feeling, stress, and even guilt. Life can also take on that similar stance. Those small dishes are comparable to small disagreements or arguments, all the way up to bigger issues like financial instability, or conflict at home.

At the end of the day, dishes should be washed. Life should be lived. It can be a pain, inconvenience, and downright struggle to rinse and load those utensils at the end of the day (seriously- we’re exhausted already), but taking care of the small issues first can lead to healthier relationships, less stress, and ultimately a better night sleep!

Full disclosure, none of this is factually based. I don’t have studies to rattle off showing that washing your dishes will make you happier. It’s a simple observation and comparison that dealing with and working through the small stuff, even when we’re tired, helps us try to live a better day without a backlog of stress. Life should be lived, not survived.

Can you guess who loaded the dishwasher picture on the left, or the right?

One thought on “Dishwasher Life

  1. You totally loaded the dishwasher on the left!!! Again, very spot on with your analogies!!! So very true when you think about it!!!


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