Bathroom Etiquette

“Don’t use the main bathroom toilet if you get home before me. I totally forgot to flush – I think. I honestly can’t remember.”

This may or may not be an ongoing issue in my house, namely I’m the culprit. Husband threatened this morning he would use this as his first blog post- I’d still love to see him try. Anyways, bathroom etiquette is another topic that isn’t standard, yet- I know draws vastly different opinions. I won’t get into cleaning the bathroom, that’s a different post entirely, but more the comfort level (or lack there of) in shared bathrooms.

Back in college dormitory days, I had a shared bathroom with half a floor of other girls. Then, my first apt I shared one bathroom with another girl AND whoever showed up at various house parties (21+ only- obviously). Up until that point, it was pretty standard to cart your hygiene items in and out with you. Use what you need, but don’t leave a mess behind. Small caveat, I was also on a college basketball team and shared a locker room with 13 other girls- privacy didn’t exist.

Fast forward to my first post college adult apartment, with my best friend (who also played basketball). I think the only reason we left the door on the bathroom was to try and keep the bathroom steam in when showering- well, and the security deposit of course. Mostly, we never closed the door. We didn’t like being alone and often carried on conversation, who wants a door in the way?!

Fast forward again to my first owned condo, all to myself. Met my husband, and found out after a while that he was afraid to use my bathroom for anything other than pee- AND he left his tooth brush behind. Here I am use to taking in/taking out while leaving the door open. It was a culture shock for him to say the least. It was still an adjustment when we bought our first house together. Our master bathroom doesn’t have a door on it! (I love it, he hates it.)

Over the years, he has set some strict boundaries because clearly I had none. It’s normal- or so I always felt. Rule 1: no pooping in the master bathroom. Rule 2: always flush after pooping. Rule 3: always open a window and turn on the fan if you’re pooping. Rule 4: don’t come have a conversation while he’s pooping. Rule 5: always spray after pooping.

Now, you’ll notice those five rules all revolve around pooping. I’m a mom- poop is life. (If this is in anyway offensive, this might not be the blog for you.) Also, I frequently break all five “suggestions” on a regular basis. Not intentionally, but good habits are hard to break. Throw in some mom memory loss, baby brain- mom brain- pre coffee brain- before sunrise brain and you get the above message I sent to husband. Let’s just focus on the fact I gave him a warning. To me, that’s progress!

Pretty sunset is better than the dirty toilet.

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