Saying Goodbye

“So long. Farewell. Until we…” yeah we probably won’t meet again. Saying goodbye is never easy. Who have I lost?, you may ask- no one, but I’m trading in my first vehicle love. Now, it’s easy to pass judgement on someone who is upset for turning in their first favorite vehicle, however when you find that perfect fit you don’t want to give it up. Unfortunately, change brings growing pains that will ultimately and ideally lead to bigger and better things. Are you still singing the Sound of Music soundtrack in your head?

The day I upgraded my mom style.

Why the change? If you’ve been following along in this fun journey of mine, I’m currently navigating job change. It seems like every avenue I’ve planned, or tried is just not working out. I’m exhausting contacts and every day something changes, leading to continuing frustration on my end, and generally feeling bad that I’m disrupting other people’s lives- even for a minute. Not to mention, my husband is exhausted from my plans and changes. Great news though! I think I’ve come to a final decision and now I just need to make $300/week. Sounds easy right? EVERY one on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook claims it is. I just haven’t gotten there yet. Once I wrapped my head around my plan and accepted the loss of my favorite vehicle, small steps forward started happening for my business. A couple requests, a couple orders, networking possibilities, investment possibilities, I’m feeling big leaps are in the future for my business and it is incredibly exciting!

New memories will be made.

My husband keeps telling me to stop posting those motivational comments or memes online unless I mean them. Well, sir- they are real, I just have more than one train of thought at any given time. Welcome to mom-hood. Anyone else feel confident-excited-nervous-overwhelmed-terrified-rebellious-tired-wide awake all at the same time? Just me? That works. I’m trying to focus on the positives of this change instead of the negatives, instead of the fear. Yes, easier said than done- but we can do it. I’m trying to focus on the time I get to spend with my kids while they’re young, focus on the time I get to spend building my business during their nap times, focus on the possibilities of networking and marketing with other businesses to help them grow, and focus on my professional development on my terms – not someone else’s.

Change can be good, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, but it’s also scary. Making the decision to voluntarily give up anything is not always easy. Changing what we know, what we’re used to, whether it’s good or bad can be sad. It means new adventures, new challenges, learning, growth, cliché after cliché- it’s there and it’s felt. It’s easier to reflect on how positive change can be instead of navigating it with that mindset. It’s like saying goodbye to your first high school love, your first dorm room, your first apartment, your first house, first job… all things that served a role in your life and taught you a lesson (or two). Things come and go in life and they teach us something valuable. We may not see it right away, but things happen for a reason. Let’s go find out what that reason is together!

Here’s looking to the future, not dwelling on the past!

3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. I can 100% identify with giving up my first vehicle love…. selling the BMW convertible was a tug on my one heart string but it was the responsible adult thing to do and allowed me to pay off my student loans and start saving for a house.


    1. That’s awesome! It’s hard battling the “responsible adult” actions with “I really want” actions. Kind of like, “I can’t afford this $10 pair of leggings, but I should get these adorable $20 paid of shoes my kid might wear once”.


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