Chiropractor Family

This topic is something I have thought about writing long before a blog, but I could never really find the right words. I’m going to try avoiding the sales pitch in this post, but I genuinely appreciate our Chiropractor family and will sing their praises to anyone who wants to listen.

I’ve heard the Chiropractor profession isn’t widely accepted by many, even though I know a lot of people who see a Chiropractor- regularly. I’ve been told different Chiropractors use different techniques. Some may be more hands on, and others prefer to use the fancy tool. Our Chiropractor does both, which is great for my family’s wide variety of spine alignment needs. Similar to any other doctor- no two are the same, but most of them genuinely want to see you truly healthy. Everyone has a different story, but this is mine and this is why we will always see our Chiropractor. To me, they are part of our family (whether they want to be or not).

Let’s go back a few years, oh say six-ish years ago? Maybe. Please don’t quote me because my mom brain often mixes up my life timeline. Back enough in time before husband and I were married, and I think before we even bought our house. Our Chiropractor at that time was an associate at an office a few towns over from us. A few of husband’s coworkers frequented the practice, and they recommended it when he pinched a nerve (improperly lifting a heavy snow plow). Husband made an appointment and his insurance covered most of it (which was awesome). After his initial assessment and a visit or two he was feeling better, but man was his spine incredibly out of alignment. Shortly after that husband convinced me to attend their “dinner with a doctor” event. It happened to fall during Thanksgiving week, and our Chiropractor’s wife cooked an incredible meal for a lot of people! It was impressive, even before I brought a huge bottle of wine. First, that meal was delicious! Second, I learned a lot about the process and signed up for my own assessment. I was hesitant, but I had frequent headaches and figured I’d give it a try (mostly to get husband off my back).

Thankfully, I was fairly healthy and only had a few minor misalignments so I was placed on the fix-and-prevent plan. I miss that youthful plan. To be honest, I never really noticed much of a difference. Shh, don’t tell my Chiropractor. I noticed a BIG difference in husband though, especially since he hit his head and wrecked his back a few more times. Our Chiropractor was always there for a quick adjustment as needed to get husband back on his way. Then, husband deployed for a few months and our Chiropractor and his wife established their own practice. It was incredibly impressive to see how they started on their own and to see where they are now, talk about role models for life.

Honestly, I fell off the Chiropractor wagon for a while because my insurance didn’t cover it, and the cost per session kept me away. I just couldn’t afford it at the time. We were transitioning jobs, adding a human, just life changes got in the way. I wanted to go back, but just couldn’t afford it. Then, while 34 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 I found out little guy was breech. Insert panic here. Our Chiropractor’s wife was pregnant three weeks ahead of me, and their baby was breech at the same time. They practiced some techniques, stretches, and had some adjustments and their baby flipped. Husband went in for an adjustment, they told him their story and he came home with a message “call them, now.” Sold! I called and they got me in to see them almost immediately. It was like a huge stress weight was lifted. I didn’t know if it would actually work, but I was willing to try most anything. They got me in, adjusted, stretched and by that 36-week ultrasound baby was back to right side down! I kept my appointments for adjusting because I heard any slight variation or misalignment in your pelvis could make birth difficult. I don’t know about you, but I prefer the easy birth plan please!

I was incredibly lucky, and the little guy came out quick, easy, and painless (please don’t hate me). I give majority of the credit of that birthing experience to my Chiropractor family. Within weeks, our family went in for our adjustments. Yes, even the kids came! I never knew kid adjustments were a thing. However, now knowing it helps with ear infections, boosts their immune system, and keeps them healthy- we will ALWAYS be there.

Smiles for adjustments.

Like I said earlier, I’ve been thinking about this post for a long time. After birthing a couple babies, chasing after those active babies, and generally aging, I definitely notice the difference before and after adjustments. I would go everyday if I could- maybe husband should consider a career change?

I also notice the amazing things they do to keep my husband in one piece. The other day he came home saying he threw out his back. Big tough guy unloading deliveries and pulled something wrong. A couple days later, he starts talking about chest pain and giving me the “in case of emergency” speech because he doesn’t trust my lack of first aid skills (he’s not wrong). I told him to message our Chiropractor and try to get in the following day. Well, he did and he did. Apparently husband slipped a rib out of place and our Chiropractor put him back together!

There are many stories of how amazing our Chiropractor family is, but those aren’t my stories to tell. The entire practice believes in the health of their patients, and wants to see the best in all of us. I am so incredibly thankful and I wish there was more that we could do for them. Even during this pandemic, they are still open and ensuring their patients stay healthy, and work through the incredible stress many are feeling. *Fingers crossed they stay open forever.*

I know many people have a Chiropractor and that’s amazing. If you don’t and never considered one- maybe ask a friend who has. It doesn’t hurt to ask the questions. I wish more people listened to the benefits for sustained health that my family is fortunate to know. Thank you to my Chiropractor family for everything you do!

Chiro kids ready and waiting for their turn.

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