Parenting Teams

“Your little ballerina grabbed her butt and ran to the bathroom and said she had to poop! She went in sat on the potty, farted and then laughed! She then went poop (a good amount!)” This is one of the most exciting texts I’ve gotten from my sister, who doubles as an in-home daycare provider. […]

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First Step

It’s easy to be unhappy. It’s easy to blame others for where we are in life, and why we aren’t where we want to be. We spend our childhoods forced to listen to adults, authority figures, parents- constantly telling us what to do and how to do it to their standards. Then, we get our […]

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Small Wins

For anyone that has or had small children (0-3 age), you know the roller coaster of emotions involved with sleep and potty training. I’ve seen several people claim to be experts and offer expert advice on both subjects, but can anyone REALLY be an expert on something that is so vastly different between children and […]

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Dishwasher Debacle

Who washes the dishes in your house? Do you hand wash? Load the dishwasher? Or, are you like me and wash the dishes first by hand, then put them in the dishwasher for a deep clean? Sounds like a simple task right, washing the dishes I mean. Well, when you’re by yourself in your own […]

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Elusive Sleep

I’m going to venture a guess that if not every mom-to-be, almost every mom-to-be is told to rest up before the sleep deprivation really occurs (once baby arrives). Luckily, my daughter was a great sleeper. We went through the initial period of nursing every two to three hours, but within a few weeks had a […]

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