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Creative Creatures

Husband: Do you need help with anything? Me: I won’t say no, but I’m not sure what I need at the moment. I’m going to get dinner started in a minute. Husband: *retreats to the basement to finish a work project* Me: *looking at the grill just fired up, two running toddlers feeling outdoor freedom, […]

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Hormonal Mom

How do you survive PMS and fatigue with wild animal toddlers? Great question! When you find out, can you let me know? Here is how my day started yesterday. I woke up with foggy brain. What is that exactly? It’s when I don’t quite have a headache, but it’s lingering because I’m so tired. One […]

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I don’t know about you, but when my oldest was born I was terrified. I’m the youngest of five kids, I never babysat and I definitely didn’t know what to do with my hands- let alone how to change a diaper. At the time, husband took over the bulk of diaper changes while I learned […]

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Chiropractor Family

This topic is something I have thought about writing long before a blog, but I could never really find the right words. I’m going to try avoiding the sales pitch in this post, but I genuinely appreciate our Chiropractor family and will sing their praises to anyone who wants to listen. I’ve heard the Chiropractor […]

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Subtle changes

After one week home with the kids, I noticed some minor changes from the working mom life. Granted husband was home for three out of the five days last week, but it wasn’t exactly easier. We also had the two amazing foster puppies on top of the change in routine but, here are five things […]

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Puppy Love

Sometimes expectations and circumstances change, that’s life – right? It may be normal, standard, and even expected but it doesn’t make it easy. Our family just finished our first foster experience, and boy was it a roller coaster of emotion. We found an adorable, old soul of a puppy online and intended on fostering-to-adopt him. […]

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Remind Me

“Hey mom, you forgot my honey.” – Kid “Hey- remind me tomorrow and I’ll fix it.” – Husband “Hey mom, you forgot the orange juice.” – Kid “Hey- remind me tomorrow and I’ll pay it.” – Me Do you ever feel like parenting is a constant list of remind me, or did you remember? I […]

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Life Skills

Growing up, I was a Girl Scout and we learned how to help others, how to live in the wilderness (camping), and at one STEM camp I learned how to unscrew just about every appliance. When I was able to drive, my dad taught me to check the oil in the car, and my brother […]

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Saying Goodbye

“So long. Farewell. Until we…” yeah we probably won’t meet again. Saying goodbye is never easy. Who have I lost?, you may ask- no one, but I’m trading in my first vehicle love. Now, it’s easy to pass judgement on someone who is upset for turning in their first favorite vehicle, however when you find […]

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Terrifying Change

If you’re anything like me, you strongly dislike change. You get comfortable with your familiar routine. Wake up, get some coffee, make some breakfast, get the kids ready, drop off to daycare, go to work, and repeat every day. Routine is nice, my kids thrive with routine. Wake up a little late and all heck […]

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