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Traditionally Different

I’ve seen a lot of posts lately about Santa Clause and why various families choose alternative options for celebrating the holidays this time of year. A lot of those posts describe why families choose not to endorse Santa’s real life and it’s nice to not feel alone. It seems society agrees moms and parents in […]

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Genuine Image

I have a foul mouthed toddler that talks about poop. She’s kind, sometimes considerate, and good hearted- she’s three. My house believes values and respect carry more weight than being politically correct in today’s society. To some we look like terrible parents, well- I look like a terrible mom for “letting” that language happen. When […]

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Bathroom Etiquette

“Don’t use the main bathroom toilet if you get home before me. I totally forgot to flush – I think. I honestly can’t remember.” This may or may not be an ongoing issue in my house, namely I’m the culprit. Husband threatened this morning he would use this as his first blog post- I’d still […]

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Washing Struggles

Do you wash all the clothes? Is laundry duty split? Do you wash, dry, fold AND put away? Do you separate whites from darks? Cold water only? Laundry is a tedious yet required task. Similar to dishes in my house, it tends to be a source of “nagging” on my part. I’ve grown to accept […]

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Dishwasher Life

If anyone has seen the movie “Forrest Gump” then you would be familiar with the ever popular phrase: “life is like a box of chocolates”. I’m here to offer another outlook in true mom fashion: “life is like a dishwasher”. Everyone has different priorities, realized or not. Values are stacked differently person to person, and […]

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Proud Millennial

Generation Y is often looked at with a negative perception. There are plenty of articles comparing Baby Boomers to Millennial’s and back. Heck, I think I saw on the news locally that someone made a song out of it. It’s entertaining to say the least, but why is there such a negative perception about an […]

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She Guilt

Kid: “No! That’s my blanket, get off!” New Kid: *sitting on a freshly laid out blanket on the floor* Husband: “Kid, he doesn’t know any better, he’s still a baby.” Me: “Kid, maybe you shouldn’t lay your stuff on the ground.” *Packing bags to leave the house* Is this where it begins? Am I contributing […]

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Listening Skills

Toddler: “Mom! Stop!” *yells from back seat* Me: “What kid?!” *annoyed mom tone* Toddler: “You need to stop! You forgot to strap me in!” Once we get passed the ‘you’re a terrible mom’ guilt, standard mom guilt, and any judgment you’ll face from husband when you inevitably tell him the story later, I realized just […]

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Walking Oxymoron

I like to blend in, but I like to be different. I like to stand out, but I don’t like attention. I thrive in structure, but I need flexibility to be creative. I like to be busy, but don’t want excessive commitment. I need to plan ahead, but prefer spontaneity. I want someone to tell […]

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Morning Grind

0430: *Snooze alarm* 0435: “Mooooooom. Hellllllllllp.” *Kid trying to put on dress with arms inside out* 0445: Make coffee. 0446: Turn on DVR’d Daniel Tiger for the 23rd time. 0446: Microwave premade breakfast. (Muffin tin egg cups- delicious!) 0448: Assemble manual breast pump. 0450: Assemble morning snack for Kid. 0455: Sit down on couch- “Mom, […]

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